Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Turnip Recipes That Will Have Your Picky Three Year Old Begging for More!

Okay, not really.

But, wouldn't it be great if one of the sustain-a-bloggers wrote up some posts like that?

DH and I will happily eat almost anything. The Boy? Not so much. There was that one time I convinced him kale chips were actually chips (I'm not entirely certain how he knows what chips are in the first place, but...). And last week he put a tiny bit of carrot in his mouth and promptly spit it out. I called that a major victory, second only to the time I convinced him that carrot muffins were actually cake.

Other than that, he seems to be subsisting on a diet solely made up of toast, rhubarb jam, cheese, butter noodles, applesauce, and pancakes. This presents a problem as  my refrigerator seems to only contain root vegetables and cabbage this time of year.

Everyone in the blogosphere seems to be making homemade noodles right now....can I make noodles out of turnips? Anyone have a beet pancake recipe? A way to cleverly disguise cabbage as applesauce? ("It's cabbagesauce, sweetie. It's yummy!")



Muskegon Critic said...

Sounds like a book opportunity to me.

For the turnips, my kids like 'em when they can't see them. Like if they're mixed into mashed potatoes or processed into a soup. My kids love carrot soup which has pretty much every vegetable I can get my hands on, mixed in with 3 pounds of carrots and run through the food processor or blender.

Radishes are easy: Radishes sauteed in lots of butter, with salt, pepper, and a ton of sugar to form a sugary glaze.

Beets...the kids eat those straight up or pickled. There's also beet pancakes that are awesome...shredded and added in with shredded potatoes, then fried and dipped in sour cream

Muskegon Critic said...


Have you tried sloppy joes?

Okay, like you take maybe 1/3 pound of cooked ground beef and then do the rest of the 2/3 pound up with finely chopped ANYTHING: carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, asparagus, onions...saute the chopped veggies, add salt, the ground beef, and a liberal amount of ketchup or tomato sauce, vinegar, and sugar.


The kids have no clue they're eating anything but meat.

Deborah @ Antiquity Oaks said...

You can make turnips au gratin or mashed turnips, just like mashed potatoes and add cheddar cheese. They look like mashed potatoes, and we've had really positive feedback from guests. No complaints.

Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

Good question! Other than including with mashed potatoes or other mixed root vegetable gratin/quiches, I'm stumped. Glad my husband and I will eat just about anything.

Bluestem said...

Zucchini pancakes with applesauce and sour cream! The kids ask for them. Seriously. Give 'em a whirl. (I link to our fav recipe from my blog.)

Granola Girl said...

My husband is the picky one. The Barracuda has eaten dang near anything since birth, but not Dad.

I put every veggie I can get my hands on into chili or burrito filling. Pumpkins, beets, spinach, zucchini, carrots, squash, it is all in there. The greatness is that burrito filling has beans as the texture and cumin as a strong seasoning. As long as you can mask the texture, cumin will do the rest. The same is true for chili. Chili seasoning takes care of most anything!

Good luck.