Friday, December 31, 2010

Dark Days Challenge: Meals Three and Four aka We Like Bacon and Eggs

We just recently found a new source of eggs, as evidenced by these two Dark Days meals.

I've read a lot about how food labeling claims with eggs are not what they may seem. "Free range" can mean they simply have access to the outdoors -- but no stipulation on how much access or the quality of that outdoors. "Cage free" can still mean hens raised in confinement, and "organic" eggs can be from a factory farm.

Just two weeks ago, I found a local farm that delivers to our doorstep (!) free range farm eggs for about the same price (!) that I had been paying for "organic" or "free range" eggs from the supermarket. Needless to say, we've switched over to their eggs and I couldn't be happier. Is there anything better than farm fresh food delivered to your door? (Well, maybe having your own hens, but we know how that story played out...)

So, for our Dark Days meals this time we have Stone Home Farm eggs and bacon (from our regular meat CSA, Walnut Acres) featured in two meals.

The first was a simple weekend breakfast of bacon, fried eggs, and toasted French bread with homemade rhubarb jam. Simple, easy, and always a favorite. I'm not sure if the bread can really be called local -- I picked it up at a neighborhood grocery and it was baked at a bakery in town. But, it's a bakery chain and I am certain the ingredients are not local. So...more local than some, although not as local as I'd like it to be. But, it's a step.

Meal two was a crustless bacon and onion quiche (based mostly on a Bittman recipe). Onions were from our regular veggie CSA, Genesis Growers. Butter and milk came from our local-ish delivery service, Oberweis. The quiche was one of those meals that tasted great, but the presentation was iffy. Watery and the bacon ended up soggy. Ah well. We ate it happily anyway.

eggs - Stone Home Farm, Lee Center, IL
bacon - Walnut Acres, Walnut, IL
bread - Breadsmith, Lombard, IL
onion - Genesis Growers, St. Anne, IL
milk and butter - Oberweis Dairy, Illinois, Wisconsin


Cyndi said...

Walnut? Lee Center?

That's over in my neck of the woods! (between Rock Falls & Tampico)

esp said...

Hi Cyndi! Thanks for stopping by the blog! We are in DuPage county, in the western suburbs.

We love our meat CSA, Walnut Acres and have been thrilled with our eggs from Stone Home Farm! Alas, no chickens allowed in my village so we are buying them for now until things change.