Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hazelnuts and Stromboli

My hazelnuts are here! After months of waiting, my three little trees arrived by mail yesterday. They are a part of The Arbor Day Foundation's Hazelnut Project. The baby trees are little more than sticks right now. We are still not sure exactly where is the best place for them. I'd like to put them along the perimeter of the yard somewhere after our fence is replaced. I potted them up in some gallon pots until they get a little bigger.
I also played around a little more with the Artisan Bread in 5 dough. Tonight I used the master recipe dough to make a stromboli recipe from the cookbook. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out. I adapted the recipe a little bit -- it called for Italian sausage but we never have anything but kielbasa around here.

Here is the dough, rolled out with the filling on top:

And here it is, after the three of us had our dinner. From fridge to finished was less than 45 minutes, including all prep and baking time. Yum.

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TheOrganicSister said...

Okay I must have heard of this book 100 times now. It must be a sign!

My trees looked like twigs when we got them in January. They are starting to leaf out now.