Monday, April 20, 2009

World's Slowest Knitter, Checking In

Hey, we haven't had a knitting update in forever! Here's my progress since The Boy was born fifteen months ago:

In 2008 I completed:

1) A wool wrap style soaker that was too long in the rise to be used.

2) A soaker sack that The Boy was too big for by the time it was completed.

3) A granny style cloth dishcloth.

4) A cute dishcloth with an owl, remembering that I really, really like owls. And cables.
5) Half of a pair of yoga socks, only to decide I really never do yoga so why am I knitting yoga socks?

6) The Toddle scarf from Knitty, in Peace Fleece.
Hmmmm. Not much there. Not much at all. Blame it on new motherhood and a nasty bout of tendinitis in my hand.

Okay, for this year I have completed:

6) Stay Put baby mittens for The Boy in an orange Peace Fleece to match his scarf. As you can see, The Boy did not find them to be very "stay put." They are very cute and super warm worked in two strands of Peace Fleece.
7) A stroller sized feather and fan blanket for my brand new nephew, which was cast on and completed in less than a month.

And I've cast on for an afghan with some Homespun (I know, I know) that I frogged from an old sweater project. The colors are really pretty and will look great in our family room.
I'm working hard at using up some old, old yarn from my stash. As a reward, if I can get through a couple of more projects using stashed yarn I am going to buy something special to make this owly sweater. I seriously think this is my Platonic ideal of a sweater. I just need to find a yummy and sufficiently owly yarn to do it justice.


Muskegon Critic said...

DUDE! Goosie/Oscar have a onesie jammies exactly like that.

Nice choice.

esp said...

Really? Do yours have monkeys in the flying saucers, too? Can you believe I found them free secondhand? Monkeys in space pjs...I would have paid good money for monkeys in space jammies.