Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Homestead Update

A lot going on here this week....

Since the summer never got planted, we've been getting things going that are quick for the fall garden. Mesclun, radishes, and cucumbers are planted and have germinated already.

Potatoes, zucchini, and beans are flowering.

Harvested enough basil for a pasta meal.

We received a watermelon but aren't feeling up to polishing it off between the two of us. So, sometime soon this week it will be turned into watermelon jam and candied watermelon rinds. The husband was worried because he thought the mostly empty jar in the fridge was the only watermelon rinds we had, not realizing there were five other jars in the pantry.

Also received another bag of boy clothes, mostly 24 month stuff that we laundered and stored for later. At this rate, we may never have to buy The Boy any clothes.

And in extremely excellent news, after some paperwork yelling on our part, our insuranse company is reimbursing us for some of The Boy's DOC band. Only 1/3, but we'll take what we can get.

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Muskegon Critic said...

Ooh! That's a good idea to plant radishes in the fall. Ever make brazed radishes? I'm gonna plant some.