Monday, August 04, 2008

Garden Update -- The Bad

You've seen The's The Bad:

This blog gets more hits by people searching for information on Egyptian Walking Onions than anything else. Sadly, I have nothing better than this to offer them:

I swear I weed this bed. I really do. The onions were actually doing pretty well for a while and some of them had started developing bulbils. Now it just looks like something has been eating them. Perhaps the chipmunks have developed a taste for spicy green onions.

In addition to the raspberry canes I planted last fall from a generous Freecycler, I also planted twenty five strawberry plants. Here they are:

What was that? You can't see them? All you see are weeds and the hacked up stump of an evergreen shrub? See, that's because this is all that survived:

Oh, but here's a pretty planter box all a-green with a nice, succulent-type plant.

Wait! That's purslane. Edible? Yes. Deliberately planted? No. Weed? Yes. A useful weed, but a weed none the less.

Here are my peas and radishes. I don't know what else to say about this except I'm sorry, little plants.

Wait! Look closer. More purslane! Maybe I missed my calling as an edible weed farmer.

And my final exhibit, last years small veggie and herb bed:

I have gotten a few meals worth of volunteer cilantro from this bed, so it wasn't a total loss. We are planning on taking down the section of fence there. I think I will end up putting my cold frame here. It's pretty sheltered by the deck and house but easily accessed in the winter via the driveway. Hopefully cold weather greens with thrive under the cold frame for this winter.

Stay tuned for the next post: Garden Update -- The Ugly.

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Muskegon Critic said...

Okay. I guess I don't feel SO bad.

Hey! Let's blame our children! We can do that now!

Those children!!! *nod nod nod*

So wow do you track visitor stats with this blogspot thing?