Monday, March 31, 2008

Big Girl Yarn

I splurged and bought my very first "big girl" yarn this month. This is the first time I've worked with yarn that comes in hanks instead of already being wound in skeins. I ordered from a really interesting company called "Peace Fleece". You can read a little bit here about the company and I think you'll see why I found them interesting. My photo really doesn't do the yarn justice...the pictures on the Peace Fleece website are much better.

The Boy and I took a little day trip today to my old job, where my friend The Head Registrar taught me how to wind a hank of yarn into a ball that pulls from the center. This is a very useful skill when you knit in a house which is also inhabited by four cats.

I ordered these six hanks based solely on the loveliness of the colors, so there are no concrete plans for the yarn. Probably the orange will be made into a scarf for The Boy. The brown, gray, and the green will probably be knit into diaper covers, also for The Boy. The blue I'm saving to knit something for myself...maybe a pair of wristlets or something like that. The red? No ideas. Feel free to suggest something!


*Michelle* said...

PF colors coordinate beautifully. I would suggest doing some striping or different colored waist/cuffs on the soakers. :) Congrats! You chose awesome yarn from an equally awesome company!

Anonymous said...

My favorite color is blue. Hmmmm?