Friday, March 14, 2008

100 Foot Diet -- Week One

I've been reading the blog at Path to Freedom for over a year now. I am constantly impressed by the amount of food the family is able to produce on a city lot smaller than ours. They recently issued a challenge to their blog readers and I've decided to take part. The challenge is to create at least one meal each week that is made up of ingredients grown in your back yard. They are calling it the 100 Foot Diet Challenge.

Now, it's the end of winter here so I took a quick look in the pantry and freezer to see what was left from last summer's garden. This is what I found:

That's two cans of salsa, a bag of cubed zucchini, two bags of shredded zucchini, and a small bag of banana peppers. So, carefully rationed we should be able to get six 100 Foot Diet meals from this. At one a week, this should last us until the end of April. Hopefully by then there will be something outside to begin to add to our meals. Hopefully this challenge will be an incentive to keep the garden healthy and producing.

So, here is our first weeks meal -- sourdough zucchini bread. Well, it was really tea, not a complete meal. That counts, right?

Homegrown ingredients were: zucchini and sourdough starter
Organic ingredients were: fair trade sugar, cage free eggs, whole wheat flour, vanilla extract
Conventional ingredients were: butter, salt, baking powder, baking soda

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